The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★


To not call this film a masterpiece would compromise my own integrity, because I truly believe it is as good as everyone says. This is my first time watching The Godfather in several years, and it has only gotten better with age. Being someone who appreciates the subtleties just a bit more (now) allow me to respect what Coppola was going for even more so. The direction is absolutely brilliant. You may ask yourself; “why is he docking 2%?” To not give this movie a 100% is something I had to force myself to do only because I noticed a few minor elements that took me out of those particular scenes. These are going to sound like nitpicks, and they are, but it’s too easy to sit here and praise this film without ceasing.

There is a scene where someone is getting beat up for sleeping with one of our “protagonists” sister. There is a punch thrown that completely misses the other guy, and the guy acts like he gets hit. It felt/looked so awkward, and it should have been a moment where Coppola cut away. I understand trying to keep that shot going, and it was epic otherwise, but there should have been a cut. There were also a few sound design issues in the third act. There is one scene where a scream is used multiple times (and once it’s cut short), and it felt off. It’s also just a long film. It doesn’t necessarily feel like a breeze, but there isn’t much I would cut. Every moment with our characters feel completely necessary. The fact that we are even rooting for these characters is a win in itself, because they aren’t good people, but we don’t care. They are established brilliantly, and every twist catches you off guard.

You don’t know what is going to happen with this family in the third act (and prior), and every second of that buildup is integral. To sit and nitpick The Godfather feels like a sin, but I had to justify my reasoning for docking a small percentage. I could sit and praise it all day. It’s the perfect film to do a scene by scene breakdown of. Pacino is top-notch, James Caan is incredible, and (obviously) Brando is subtlety brilliant. The film is quotable, memorable, and epic. Even if it is probably one of the best movies ever made; I’m not sure if it is one of my 30 favorite. It’s definitely in my top 50, so my expanded list will include it. It’s just not one I have an urge to revisit like some of these other films. Regardless, there is a reason why every great movie is compared to The Godfather. This is the gold standard for most film fans.

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