The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★½

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There is something about this franchise that speaks to me, and it keeps telling me that producers lie every time they say there is one more movie. All jokes aside, I didn’t expect much, and I got about what I expected. That isn’t a huge endorsement, but along with the lackluster script, I predicted quite a few fun action scenes. Once our characters find themselves in El Paso, there is an extremely intense series of action scenes that were an absolute blast. It feels like you are in a video game following around these characters, and while that may not be the most incredible endorsement for a movie, it added an exciting element to the film.

The cast itself, while competent, is not utilized to its full potential. A few of the characters are completely unlikable at first, which would be fine except that we are supposed end up rooting for them. Without compelling progression, there is not much to latch onto, and it just doesn’t come together. The purge itself is over fairly quickly; what we get beyond that provides excitement, and that premise is interesting enough. The question of “what more could they do” comes to mind, and this was about as far as they could go. Presentation-wise, it attempts to be relevant and serious at times, and some of the themes are actually important.

Unfortunately, the important themes are awkwardly balanced with the wild nature of the Ever After group that makes every scene feel like a SciFi Channel original movie. It gets so wacky and ridiculous at times, which is fun enough, but other scenes are injected with raw emotion. This was so awkwardly handled in the screenplay, and the writing is just weak. There is so much exposition within the dialogue at times, and it just becomes annoying. Anytime the violence and thrills are happening, the movie is a blast, and it at least tries to hit on important themes in a reasonable way (that has to count for something). The attempt at a rousing finale isn’t quite a success, but it is not the worst in the franchise.

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