Spider-Man: Far From Home

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This review may contain spoilers.

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Thankfully, I feel the exact same watching this film for a second time. It’s full of humorous moments, wonderful character interactions and a romance that got me on board, with a character that I wasn’t the biggest fan of in the first film. I just wasn’t all that big on MJ in Homecoming but there is no denying their chemistry in this second outing. There is also no denying how effective that “twist” is that comes halfway through the film. Let’s be honest, if you knew anything about Spider-Man prior to watching this, you knew it was coming. What got me was the execution of that scene. Only Gyllenhaal could deliver an expository monologue and not make me upset (as a critic). The way Watts handled that scene and all of these plot-threads was fairly incredible.

When comparing it to other comic book movies, it stands out as something fresh. It captures the “John Hughes/Homecoming style,” even though I much prefer the humor in that film. My big issue with the sequel is the fact that I just didn’t find much (from the first act) funny. Thankfully, I found myself smiling from beginning to end during this second viewing. I also laughed more, for what it’s worth. It’s a flawed sequel but one that perfectly captures the world of Spider-Man. It also pays much more attention to detail when you think of things like super strength, spidey-sense, etc. I also love the finale and the post-credits scenes so much. It’s horrifying to try and piece together what they’re going to do when it comes to explaining his absence from the MCU. I hope they can convince me that he is no longer in this world because this cliffhanger is insane.

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