Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 ★★★★½

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We talked of nostalgia in my previous Spider-Man entry, and how it played a huge part in my love for these films. This is actually the first movie trailer I became obsessed over, and I’ve seen this film even more than the first. The first is a blast, but it does fall into the cheesy traps more often. This sequel is not void of those moments, but it scales back and allows its story to take itself a bit more serious. We still have instances like Doc Ock scaling the building, and some random girl screaming while running towards the camera. It’s another “dancing Peter-level” scene that no one talks about, because we tend to forget these tiny moments. They’re present but they don’t overpower the story here, and that’s what is most important. This is a personal story for Peter Parker, and the balance between being a hero and wanting a normal life is portrayed perfectly. It’s another example of how these movies just stand out.

No modern superhero film has captured that idea as well as this film, and that really allows you to connect to this character on a more personal level. From the “raindrops” montage, to the feeling of finally obtaining happiness; you truly feel that he doesn’t need this alter-ego anymore. The problem is that the world needs him, and the moment he accepts that gives me chills every time. Otto Octavius is a fantastic villain. He’s another reason why this film stands out, as his struggle is just as important as that of the protagonist. He also provides a great physical match for Spider-Man, and the train battle is still one of the all-time greats. There are tiny nitpicks like a bit too much early 2000’s cgi, and the occasional narrative cliché (even for that time). It’s still a movie that holds a special place in my heart. Part of it is nostalgia, but I genuinely believe this one holds up, and the score is still top-notch.

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