Am I Ok?

Am I Ok? ★★★½

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Lucy and Jane have been best friends their entire lives. Only when Lucy embarks on a personal journey, will she face a test of her friendship, and her sense of self, on a path she may not be entirely ready to take.

Sundance 2022 | Movie #7

In what was Dakota Johnson’s first great performance I witnessed at the festival, Am I OK? managed to keep it simple yet stay sweet throughout the runtime. Rather than spoil the trajectory of our main character, I will save some of the surprises for when you see the film, but know it is one that will be a nice surprise. Johnson plays a down-to-earth and  honest girl named Lucy who has a friend that means the world to her. Sonoya Mizuno plays Jane, and she is moving up in the world, and this will bring about some huge changes between the two. Their friendship may suffer because of the roadblocks they are about to face, but Lucy is dealing with a few struggles of her own. As much as they love each other, each one has a secret or two that can make the biggest difference in how they feel about each other. The film displays a beautiful friendship, but it also shows what it means to find yourself and feel free.

A nice touch here is the fact that we get a wonderfully unpredictable yet satisfying conclusion to this story. The way it ends may leave many wanting more, but I got everything I needed. I love the directing duo here, as it really feels like a personal story. The look and feel of the film is nice, and we are left with the best and most beautiful moment saved for last. My hesitation comes with the overall progression or lack there of, as nothing really happens that will leave a huge mark. The script feels overly familiar at times, and we have seen versions of this exact movie before. Resonating with the journey is the big impact here, but I never witnessed that scene that took it all to another level. The story lacks one true goal that it is moving towards, and I could have used one or two more major character moments. That being said, these minor criticisms never impact the lighthearted fun you are having with the film. All in all, the movie does just enough, and the chemistry between our two leads is excellent.

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