Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

"Boy do we have problems up here!"

One of the best comic-book films I've ever seen. Ambitious as hell, huge on spectacle and it's also the first superhero film that I've seen to treats itself like it's more than just that - a superhero movie. Filled with great performances and deep and thoughtful themes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is nothing short of a triumph and a great start to the DC Extended Universe.

The critics were *so* wrong about this one.

Other thoughts:
■The film played very well with my crowd. Everyone in my friend group had a blast and loved it. Most hated Superman going in only to end up loving him in the end.
■Affleck kills it as Batman. People will have issues with his interpretation, but it works so well in my opinion.
■Eisenberg is another standout who threatens to take it too far from time to time, but ends up turning in a fantastic performance (the rooftop speech is the best scene)
■Story does jump back and forth a lot until after the "Knightmare" sequence, but it makes sense. From then on, however, it's spectacular and flows very well.
■On the topic of the "Knightmare" scene - it works. Could have been better, sure, but it works. That's how I feel about the JL-related snippets as a whole.
■People seem to hate his role, but I really dug Scoot McNairy's performance.
■I cannot wait until the Wonder Woman film.

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