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  • Dead Hooker in a Trunk

    Dead Hooker in a Trunk


    Revisit. Literally woke up this morning and said to myself "I feel like re-watching the Soska Sisters' Dead Hooker in a Trunk today." I wonder how many times that's ever been uttered.

    The budget of this movie was $2500, so I can overlook a flubbed line, occasional sound issues, and some continuity errors when the movie looks as good as it does for so little money. Especially when half the budget went into the makeup effects.

    The movie is basically…

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  • Barb Wire

    Barb Wire


    Pamela Anderson's Casablanca and this legit actually rules??

  • The Gravedancers

    The Gravedancers


    I remembered half watching this movie on TV probably over 10 years ago and never knowing what the movie was. There were a few moments and scenes that stuck with me through the years and it really bothered me I couldn't remember what it was, so I had to give this a watch once I finally found out what the title was called a few weeks ago.

    The Gravedancers isn't a masterpiece by any means but I thought it was…

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  • Fargo



    Uhhhhhhhmmmm............ did I watch the same movie as everyone else?

  • The Life of David Gale

    The Life of David Gale


    Ok listen, I'm personally opposed to the death penalty but The Life of David Gale is just stupid and flat out ridiculous. It's a movie that thinks it poignantly opposes the death penalty but in reality is an absurd, dishonest mess that probably does more damage than good to the cause it champions. The story is framed by Kate Winslet's character, reporter Bitsey interviewing Kevin Spacey's David Gale about his crimes on death row. Gale is a former anti-death penalty…