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  • Apotheosis



    I wonder how personal this movie was for her to make. I hadn't read the bio before on her website about being crippled by polio, then witnessing the effects of the atomic bomb in Japan. For all of the precision and safety measures touted by modern medicine, at the cellular level, radiation treatment is a war waged in complete darkness, out of control or order, where tiny infantry of the body spill from veins, grasping at each other, incapable of communicating over the noise of cosmic rays pulverizing the battlefield. A glimpse of that invisible struggle, and the artists' will to persevere, shines through this piece.

  • They Live

    They Live


    Oh noooooo!!! I had a very similar experience with this as when I saw The Thing. Movie completely blindsided me by ending right when I thought it was really getting started, which is a real shame because I was very engrossed with this for the most part. I thought that the clever symbolism at the start would form the basis of a much greater allegory, but after a while the film stopped being a parallel to our reality and took itself too literally to really engage me.