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  • Mahjong



    "The 19th century was the glorious age of Imperialism, right? Just wait till you see the 21st century."

    Does a better time capsule of late 20th century Taiwan exist? Countless people riding a seemingly permanent high of growth and wealth, feeling unstoppable, only for it to slow down at the turn of the millennium. As relevant of its time as it is prophetic of what's in store, and simply astounding due to how universal it feels.

    The rapid spread of…

  • Moonlight



    I. Little

    "What's a faggot?"

    Running from sticks and stones, hiding in a ramshackle shelter. Self-discovery by way of confusion, abuse, and loneliness. No father and a neglectful mother. Too young and lost to understand who you truly are, though surmising finds its way.

    You're timid and tender, black and beautiful. You don't know it yet, and the people around you won't ever know it. Except the ones who care: your surrogate father and mother, and the only boy who…

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  • Two-Lane Blacktop

    Two-Lane Blacktop


    Infinite emptiness. No beginning and no end; just the supposed coexistence of freedom and aimlessness for free birds not tied down to a place or a person. Unexplored past, ever-changing past, non-existent past, worthless past. The past might weigh heavy on them, or it might not mean anything at all. They don't let us in on their lives.

    Operating on the roar of the engine that overtakes their silence and converses with them. The landscape is hypnotic and the road…

  • Magnolia



    "I'll tell you everything, and you tell me everything, and maybe we can get through all the piss and shit and lies that kill other people."

    A kaleidoscopic look at the human condition. Fate at its most mystifying; its coincidences far too grand to be seen as merely just coincidences. People make mistakes and have regrets that last a lifetime. They take advantage or get taken advantage of. They are scarred and traumatised. They hurt and get hurt; love or…

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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    People spend their whole lives forming bonds with each other. Some of those bonds are permanent, others fleeting. Some bonds simply do not last at all, some only get stronger over time, some unfortunately have the sour luck of hanging by a thread while slowly crumbling like walls subjected to acid rain. Rarely does a relationship remain unchanged throughout its course.

    This dynamic nature of relationships is fueled entirely by people going through trials and tribulations with each other and…

  • All About Lily Chou-Chou

    All About Lily Chou-Chou


    Humiliation. Rape. Murder. Bullying. How can a film that does not shy away from the most horrific of subjects look so beautiful?

    Unchecked teen angst fueled by the ignorance of adults is not an uncommon theme, but it's rarely been portrayed with as much beauty and emotion as it has been here. Anonymous message boards serving as a place for people to find solace in. People who would have spiraled deeper into depression if it weren't for a celebrity or…