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  • Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong

    Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong

    What I could’ve done instead:
    - Played Alien: Isolation.
    - Watched Bronson.
    - Watched Pulse.
    - Rewatched Videodrome. 
    - Started Invincible.

    What I chose to do instead:
    Watch a movie where this dialogue exchange occurs:
    Brett: “Space bong, my ass. This looks like some bad movie prop.”
    Bachman: “Yeah, like from 2001: A Weed Odyssey.” -laughs-


    I’m getting closer and closer to giving up.

  • Ride Your Wave

    Ride Your Wave


    Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. The story’s nothing new, but the themes and characters work quite well here. It’s freakin’ beautiful too, every frame could be a painting. The movie did lose me a little after it’s AMAZING first act, but the rest of it was still good enough! Overall, it’s a great movie, definitely recommended!

    (Also, thanks to HBO Max for only closing out on me once this time around. To those that use that streaming service on a Roku product, warning you that it might close out on you at times.)

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  • Joker


    Wanted to apologize, before any of this. This’ll probably be a complete waste of your time, and I’m sorry for that. 

    I truly don’t know why I saw this 8 times. I hate almost everything about it. The main performance and the cinematography try to carry this movie, and it doesn’t even come close to doing that, since everything else is just..... empty.

    This movie is a character study, but when it focuses on a character that I don’t care…

  • Evil Bong

    Evil Bong

    I am not a masochist. 

    I am not a masochist.

    I am not a masochist.

    I am not a masochist.


    I’m a masochist. There’s 7 more of these? Ooohhh.........