Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

It was just so nice seeing a big cast star in a fun film based off an original screenplay.Unlike the other recent starry murder mystery, Murder on the Orient Express, this film has some life to it and allows its cast to all shine individually. A whodunit with social-political commentary tied in, an examination of how different parties and figures respond to immigration, with varying degrees of hypocrisy and condescension. Is Meg almost as bad as Don Johnson here?

If I’m honest I kind of wanted it to deliver a bit more in the actual murder mystery element. Whodunit? was somewhat irrelevant an hour in, not sure if that worked for me even if it deviated from the usual structure. Maybe the twists and reveals weren’t as twisty as I would have liked, there are more genuine surprises in an episode of Law and Order SVU, but I guess that wasn’t the entire point of the film. It did mean that it felt like the film had played some of its cards too early, I ended up checking my phone with an hour to go and thinking “Huh?”

There were some twists to be had but the real enjoyment here is from the big cast who are having fun, Christopher Plummer is fantastic and of course Daniel Craig and his insane accent in particular, looking forward to the post-Bond years. The heart of the film is Ana de Armas, she was the best part of Blade Runner 2049 , she’s gorgeous and a true star. The set design was also amazing, I would love to visit this creepy house. All in all, might not love it as much as some on here but a genuinely nice surprise seeing a big original screenplay film play commercially, my cinema was full. Props to Rian Johnson.

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