The Hidden Fortress

The Hidden Fortress ★★★★

Japanese Cinema Marathon:
Movie #31:


This May Not Be Kurosawa's Best Or Most Influential Work But It's Still An Important Piece Of Cinema, That's How Good He Was, Even When He Wasn't At His Best He Still Crafts And Executes An Absolute Masterpiece In Visual Storytelling And Directing. One Thing That Surprised Me Here Was It's Comedic Elements, I've Rarely Seen Him Tackle Comedy, Now, This Is Not A Comedy But There Is Some Very Funny Scenes In This, Which Is Rare, Not Unheard Of From Kurosawa, I Watched Seven Samurai Recently And That Had A Few Moments Of Comedy In It, Anyway, This Movie Is Simplistic On The Surface But With A Director Like Kurosawa Behind The Camera He Brings His Typical Eccentricity's And Complexity's To The Movie, He Makes This Tight And Composed Movie Feel Like A Sprawling Epic. Toshirô Mifune (One Of My Favorite Actors) Gives An Amazing Performance As Always, Being A Muse Of Kurosawa's Obviously Developed Him A Lot As An Actor And You Can See That In Any Of Their Movies That They Made Together, The Supporting Cast Also Do An Excellent Job, With Each Actor Giving A Complex And Engrossing Performance, But Toshirô Mifune Just Outshines All Them, At Least For Me. Kurosawa Had An Innate Talent For Extracting Great Performances From Actors And He Proves It Again Here. The Cinematography Is Absolutely Beautiful And Kurosawa Captures Some Remarkable Shots That Will Be Engraved In My Brain Forever Along With His Other Movies, I Haven't Seen A Kurosawa Movie In Color But His Use Of Black And White, He Used Black And White, He Didn't Just Shoot Movies In Black And White For No Reason Or Because He Had To, He Used It To Build Atmosphere. The Princess Here Isn't Your Typical Damsel In Distress, She's Quiet And Subdued, But, At Any Moment She Becomes Ferrous, It Was Such A Nice Change Of Pace. The Comedic Relief Peasants Are Never Annoying And Are Very Funny For The Most Part But When They Are Not Being Funny Their Performances Are Great, The Hero's Are Also Not Your Typical Hero's, Either, Their Greedy, Selfish And Do Nothing But Complain, But, That's Why I Loved Them, And, That's Why I Loved This Movie, Because It's Different, The Characters Like The Movie Are Flawed, But, There's A Charm To Their Imperfections.