Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

Druk: Another Round: Addiction

Vinterberg And Mikkelsen Cemented Their Legacy's At Least In My Mind With Their Work Together On "Jagten" So The Prospect Of Seeing Them Work Together Again Was Exciting To Say The Least, And To Say My Expectations Were Met Would Be A Vast Understatement, They Were Exceeded To The Fullest Possible Extent, The Way In Which Vinterberg Controls This Movie, They Way He Grabs Hold Of It An Steers It To Wherever He Wants It To Is Something I Haven't Seen In A Long Time.

I Love It When A Truly Original Movie Comes Along, Not Just In Concept But In Execution, "Druk" Is Not Only Conceptually Original But The Way In Which Vinterberg Executes It Is Again Something I Haven't Seen In A Long Time, Vinterberg's Camera Is An Extension Of Not Only Himself But Of The Characters, His Characters Are Real, Therefore We See The Events Of The Movie Unfold As If We Are The Characters, Through Vinterberg's Camerawork And Directing Of Actors We Can See And Most Importantly Feel Everything That Is Happening, Such Directing Never Wavers, Never Hesitates, It's Raw And Fulfilling And Leaves Nothing Within But A Sense Of Reality.

Addiction Comes In Many Forms, Some Are Different Than Others But In The End Addiction Is Addiction, Here The Addiction In Question Is Alcoholism, A Very Dangerous And Fatal Addiction In Which I Have Not Been Through But If You Know Me You Will Know My Addiction, I Can Relate To These Character(s), I Felt What Him/They Felt, Addiction Is A Need, A Dependency, A Sinister Habit, It Grabs You And Takes Control Of Everything You Do, Everything Around You, At First You Think You Can Control It, You Think It Wont Take Over, But Slowly It Consumes You, Some Can Admit They Need Help And Some Can Not, Those Who Can Not Often Don't Last Long, I Took Me A Long Time To Get Help, If Didn't I Know What My Fate Would Have Been.

This Is Where "Druk" Is So Impactful, In It's Raw And Unflinching Look At Addiction, It First Begins As An Experiment As You Can Read In The Plot, What The Plot Doesn't Give Away Is Subconsciously Expected, We See The Experiment And Our Lead(s) Psyches Bend And Finally Shatter, One Lead In Particular, His Journey Is Without Doubt The Most Harrowing As Anyone Who Has Suffered An Addiction Can And Have Ended Up His Way, Addiction Can Take Hold Of Anyone At Anytime, All It Takes Is One Thing To Push You Over The Edge, And Just Like That Your Life As You Know It Is Out Of Your Control.

This Particular Lead Unlike The Rest Loses Control To A Certain Extent As Anyone Could, He Can Not Control The Experiment Like The Others, He Probably Knew What Would Happen, He Could Have Turned To Any Addiction To Ease His Sorrows, But Alcohol Is The One That Grabbed Him, His Journey From Beginning To End Is Like Seeing A Family Member Slowly Deteriorate Before Your Eyes, That's How Raw And Intense Vinterberg's Filmmaking Is, It Grabs Those Who Have Suffered And Those Who Have Not, No Matter Who You Are You Are Invested And Ultimately Hurt By The Events Which Unfold.

We Can See What's Coming But Like Our Lead(s) We Don't Want To Fully Admit It, We Walk Out The Door Taking One Last Look At Our Families, We Say Goodnight Thinking Will It Be The Last, Do They Really Care, Love, Feel Anything For Me, And Do I Them, Addiction Confuses And Separates, Takes The Life Of Not Only It's Victim But Those Around Them.

This Is A Character Study Through And Through, While We Have Many Leads, That One Lead In Particular Is Really The One The Focus Is On, Not Only Through His Performance But Through The Directing On Part Of Vinterberg, He Is Once Again As In "Jagten" Unflinching, He Opts For Reality Before Anything, He Opts For Truth And Honesty, Everything You See Is Possible, Maybe Not Exactly The Way It Happens Here But Possible None The Less, This As I Said Can Happen To Anyone, We Can And Have Fallen Into The Trappings Of Addiction, Vinterberg Displays Only After My 2nd Movie Of His That He Has Not Only Mastered How To Evoke Sympathy From The Viewer, But Also Reality, Sympathy Through Reality.

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