Roma ★★★★★

Much like what Tarkovsky, Truffaut and Bergman did in 'The Mirror', 'The 400 Blows' and 'Fanny and Alexander' respectively, Cuaron serves a bloody, beating slice of his heart on a gorgeous monochrome platter. Utterly breathtaking, incredibly moving and filled with his usual contemplative long shots, this masterpiece written, produced, directed, shot and co-edited all by Cuaron himself is arguably his best work (I mean, the man made both Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men).

In a fair world, Cuaron will win Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography Oscars. It would be a historic moment for Netflix as well. A film that smells, sounds and looks like Mexico joining 'Moonlight' and 'The Shape of Water' in the list of Trump-era Best Picture winners has poetic justice written all over it. Please, Academy!

PS Festival de Cannes : Your loss!

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