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  • My Bloody Valentine

    My Bloody Valentine


    Prior to the “tax shelter film” era between 1975 and 1982, Canada’s film industry was fairly dormant. While Hollywood of course dominated the production of motion pictures since its creation, many other countries such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Japan were able to establish their own film industry, even influencing American films in the process. In an attempt to create their own domestic product, Canada initiated a personal tax credit for individuals able to finance the production of…

  • Blonde Death

    Blonde Death


    Freestyling February 2024

    Link: Besides, I've got something that she'll never have.

    Tammy: What's that? Two eyes?

    The Citizen Kane of SOV? The Bonnie and Clyde? The Jules and Jim?

    No matter. Blonde Death is beyond classification (and I loved it more than all three of those films combined).

    John Waters comparisons are apt, but this film remains its own beast. This script! I don't usually care for comedies, but this movie had me laughing out loud so many times.…

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  • The Ghastly Ones

    The Ghastly Ones


    Back on my Andy Milligan foolishness…

    Another Staten Island Victorian tale of incestuous families, terrible mothers, questionable inheritances, and a whodunit style murder mystery. Probably a pretty good place to start with Milligan, although most of his horror films seem so similar that any place may be a good place.

    This one is not my favorite, probably only because I’ve seen a few just like this one at this point, but I’ve yet to see a Milligan film that doesn’t fully engage me.

  • O.C. and Stiggs

    O.C. and Stiggs


    Freestyling February 2024

    My Mount Rushmore of directors:

    Scorsese. Kubrick. Altman. Fulci.

    Probably a hot take, but if I could only watch the films from these directors for the rest of my life, I'd be fine.

    Praise be to Radiance for giving this dismissed film the attention it deserves. Sure, it's probably about 15 minutes too long, but that's fine. I had such a good time with this one, feeling like I'm back in the late 80s, running around with…

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  • Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

    Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes


    100 Horror Movies in 92 Days

    Watched via Popcorn Frights Film Festival's virtual platform. I couldn't really commit to an entire film festival right now, but I really wanted to check out this film after reviewing their lineup (and this teaser trailer).

    Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes begins as a ghost story. A couple (well, really it seems, the woman within the couple) inherit a castle and have arrived to inspect it. They begin to feel a presence within the…

  • Nope



    I'm very late to the discussion of this one. These days, I'm either very early from seeing it at a film festival, or very late by the time I get around to it once it shows up on whatever streaming option on which it lands.

    I see two potential discussion paths for this film:

    1. The film is about exploitation. There is plenty to go around, from the latest Haywood generation exploiting their great-great-great grandfather's notoriety, to the exploitation of…