Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

I’ve only grown fonder of David Lynch over my recent Twin Peaks binge - overturning my initial distance from his peculiarly idiosyncratic work - and Fire Walk With Me is perhaps the culmination of that love for Lynch.

I certainly think from the five or six other works of his that I’ve seen that this is his masterpiece, a magnum opus of much of what his career has been focused on.

It reminds me of Inland Empire in many ways, his most idiosyncratically Lynchian work, excelling in all his strange peculiarities and exploring trauma - different from Inland - in very hellish, nightmarish lengths - similarly to Inland. It’s a tragically devastating work that shows Lynch’s magisterial idiosyncrasies at their most impactful, and cohesive, a bit of why it’s the mastery of Inland Empire’s horror but more cohesive. And to call Sheryl Lee’s performance monumental is selling it short of her absolute brilliance as Laura Palmer in FWWM. She is a relegation in this, beyond that.

It’s really hard to really describe this masterpiece with words because it’s such a heavy work that operates so deeply within itself that it’s quite tough to place any single few words to truly capture the mastery of it all, but it’s fairly easy to call this David Lynch’s best work.

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