Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★★½

“Today, tomorrow, yesterday, it’s all the same.”

Coinciding with my current perception of time being non-linear, and manifesting, in reality, as a flat circle that truly never stops or ends or flows directly in any sense or form, Palm Springs takes that deeply existential, thought provoking and slightly deep idea and dearly translates it into a joyful, thoughtful, sweet film that endures the cyclical nature of repetition that troubled Bill Murray in Groundhog Day; a loop in time that repeats the same day over and over again, in one continuous, unending loop.

I really enjoyed it. It was lovely, fun, sensual, and what matters most (and what succeeds here) is the chemistry, and I think getting the wonderfully comedic Cristin Millioti (who I dearly adored in How I Met Your Mother) to star alongside remarkably amusing Andy Samberg is one of the most creatively genius decisions in cinema this year. They pair up so remarkably and the chemistry between them is lovable.

Go watch Palm Springs, you’ll adore it.

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