Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Oh, this was brilliant! I had not seen The Hunt before this, but by the sounds of it, I assumed this would have a darker tone, but it’s honestly one of the most vibrantly carefree and light-hearted films I’ve seen in a long while, and especially unique looking at the heavy themes of alcoholism, discontent lives and marriages.

Mikkelsen is incredible. I’ve never been his biggest fan but consider me one now, because he carries this vulnerable performance with an intense heart and a very nuanced versatility.

I think the light-hearted tone through most of the film fits it adequately; perhaps even making it feel like a sort of darker comedy. Through a more comedic angle, it’s able to explore the devastating but altering effect of alcohol, and especially its effects on the self + those around - the shift from a discontent lifestyle, revision of old and aged ways, and the reconstruction of what once was (wether for better or for worse).

I had quite a bit of fun with his. It’s accessibly easy to watch, light-hearted mostly even with heavy themes in hand, and certain scenes just bring a huge smile to your face. Uses comedic fronts to represent a bigger conversation on alcohol and the changes that revamp our lives.

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