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  • The Promised Land

    The Promised Land

    "Why are you crying? 

    Nobody's playing with you?"

    God tier acting from Gō Ayano. AWARDS PLEASE. He transformed himself into someone desperate, tormented and socially stunted. A great turn out of Hana Sugisaki, too: Takahisa Zeze sure knows what he is doing. And seasoned vet Akira Emoto, woefully listed at the bottom of the Letterboxd cast list, was memorable in his role. The Promised Land is the second film I have watched of Takahisa Zeze's this year, and I am very…

  • August Never Ends

    August Never Ends

    Maybe I just don’t believe in love anymore. I do believe in Elane Zhong though. The melodrama is wildly overdone. Elane Zhong and Luo Jin erotic drama when?

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