In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★★

Caught an early screening of this today thanks to the film's Insta page.

So... I could go on about how Jon M. Chu lives for a musical and how he shoots ALL the musical set pieces, small and big. I could go on about how each performance is pitch fucking perfect, especially Barrera (Vanessa), Ramos (Usnavi), Hawkins (Bennie) and Merediz (Abuela). I could also go on about how this expands on what was merely touched in the theatrical production and makes some really cool changes so it stands apart from its theatrical counterpart. I could go on to say that the music's updating is refreshing.

But when the film was fucking perfect (no lie, I do think this film is pretty much perfect in every way but MY GOD THIS PART OF THE FILM), where it was specifically, was sitting with the cast and seeing them act as if they were Latinxs/Hispanics celebrating life as they do. Film brought me to tears. I haven't seen representation like this in a good while and it's more than refreshing (as I am Hispanic myself).

Highly recommend if you're a fan of the stage show.
Highly recommend if you're a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton.
Highly recommend if you're of Hispanic/Latinx nature.
Highly recommend if you're a fan of musicals.

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