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  • Burial


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  • Burial



    bad idea using the literal words 'nazi werewolves' in the description... you're going to attract viewers who have 0 interest in a movie like this. (there aren't really any werewolves in it btw) it's more of a serious WWII drama, the story is kind of fun, but it drags rather slowly. The present-day scenes were good. As war dramas go, I'd say it's alright - but could have used more action, werewolves or no

  • Vampyre



    Vampyre Vybes all day & night. I liked the aesthetic very much

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  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon


    I have realized that the thing I love most about Event Horizon is how much the characters care about each other and listen to each other, how much they value their own and each others’ lives. It would be an awesome scary space story either way, but the human feelings of our poor space adventurers really give it so much more impact and enjoyment. 

    My favorite parts of Event Horizon are definitely the scenes of discovering what happened to the…

  • Frozen


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The premise had potential to be very scary, or at least disturbing. Especially for people like me who think ski lifts are terrifying! Sadly I didn't find anything good to take away from Frozen, except for brief enjoyment of some very fine dog actors.
    - The (three) characters were so deeply, utterly unlikable, and yet we're subjected to listening to them talk about their feelings for what seems like at least half of the movie. I found myself really really…