Aquaman ★★★

This was gonna be 2.5 stars but the 3rd act’s massive campy insanity and silly “epic moments” kinda redeemed it for me. The first half of the movie is straight terrible. All the flashbacks to young Arthur and all the stuff with Nicole Kidman were absolutely hilarious in their badness, and lots of the editing is kinda laughable and underwhelming too. And the music choices! Those jarring cuts to pop songs were really funny. Once they start the “search for the trident” it gets a lot better, and the relationship between Momoa/Heard (while simplistic) plays pretty well. The movie pulls the same “pretty girl experiences the human world and doesn’t understand it” stuff that Wonder Woman does, but it’s still oddly charming. The action and blending of the VFX and CGI with real footage are reasonably well-done, even if some of the swimming stuff (and hair floating, and limbs flopping around, and “flying” through the water) looks pretty goofy. 

I dunno. There were definitely elements of fun - more than I’d expected, really - but I was still bored most of the time at its predictability. It’s basically Black Panther but without anything genuinely emotional or intelligent to say. I guess it’s the best DCEU movie though...?!? Whatever.

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