The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★

Look, I understand this is as emotionally pandering as movies get- but it was also earnest and wholesome and I felt good the entire movie. I also think genuinely what they do with the talking animal animation here is vastly superior to Lady and the Tramp and The Lion King. Is a lot of this film pretty rushed and contrived? No doubt about it. Did I still end up getting kinda choked up by the ending? Not gonna lie- I was surprisingly invested in this. I think my bar for Disney Plus originals after the travesties that were Artemis Fowl and Magic Camp has been soooo low that this was a surprising breath of fresh air. It's certainly one that would have been good to see on the big screen- it feels theatrical and it would have made a decent 80 million domestically probably. Guess we will never know. This is a movie I'll probably enjoy watching with my kids someday- it's just wholesome and kind- we need more movies like this.