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This review may contain spoilers.

Cleo holds her stillborn baby in tears. We see at this time she is heartbroken over the loss of life. Later, we see that she is broken and silent towards everyone. This is the exact scene Sofia decides to buy a new car. One that will actually fit in the garage unlike the one they had before. Cleo ends up going on Vacation with the entire family. Sofia decides to take this time to announce to them she and their father are separating. They end up going to the beach when she ends up saving Sofi and Pepe from drowning. Cleo said before she couldn’t swim, but then comes in to get the kids. In a heartwrentching climax where the entire family embraces on the beach, Cleo admits finally she didn’t want the child and feels remorse for the poor little thing. The entire film, Cleo does everything she can to protect the baby and help it, she did love it. I feel as though Cleo didn’t want it because she didn’t want to bring the baby into her world and Universe, which she herself hadn’t figured out yet. The car always struggled to park but the rearview mirror always cracked. Then, when the baby was out of the picture the car started to fit better. Cleo on this trip was mute due to her constant grief and guilt. She loved the child but didn’t want it around? Was there anything she could do to repay? Then, when Cleo sees Sofia about to drown, a situation she can fix happens. She is able to save the child, something she couldn’t do with her own. In a giant embrace where Sofia assures Cleo that she loves them, Cleo finally figures it out. The bratty baby daddy wasn’t her family- her family is who she worked with all along. That moment of true honesty and pathos is one that took my every breath away. Life is tough, and sometimes thinking of the next step is a difficult process. Rather it’s moving out, starting a family or getting married. Sometimes it just takes looking around to realize there’s so much you can do now, and not everything has to be about what will happen tomorrow. Don’t stress about the things we can’t control and look for the things you can.

*by the way, seeing this in theaters was a euphoric expirence. Roma is a masterpiece, one of the single greatest achievements of film ever. I wish everyone could see this on a big screen, it leaps and just becomes a part of you after a while. A true cinematic expirnece unlike any other.

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