Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

"I suspect fowl play here"

The best films of 2019 list is gonna be so difficult to make. Knives Out is right up there with Parasite as one of the tightest and most cohesive screenplays I've heard all year. Knives Out is just an incredible piece of filmmaking and please seek this film out when you can.

Rian Johnston is one of my absolute favorite filmmakers working today and he continues the amazing streak of films he has directed. This film is able to subvert expectations in the same way The Last Jedi is and it is oh so satisfying. I think this film will work for just about everyone though, even people who dislike The Last Jedi. Rain Johnston is able to twist the audiences expectations and continually make you second guess in the context of a murder mystery. It just makes perfect sense. This is the best mystery writing I've seen since Sherlock season 3. I kid you not, this movie is that good.

Not to mention the set locations here are just gorgeous. The score and the way scenes are composed are just so precise and wonderful. This is pretty much adding the energy and intrigue missing from that awful Orient Express movie that came out a few years ago.

The cast here gives their A game. The main girl, Ana de Armas (who is apparently in talks to take over the role of James Bond) has such a great screen presence here and absolutely holds her own from the juggernauts in this film. Everyone here is great, including a really entertaining performance from Chris Evans who is able to be the cocky dude bro role again that he was in Scott Pilgrim. Daniel Craig though- DANIEL CRAIG STEALS THIS MOVIE. Simply, he is one of my absolute favorite supporting roles of the whole year. His character is just so interesting and quirky and he absolutely nailed all his beats.

Every single line in this film is gold. There is just so much wit in this movie and it is easily one of the funniest movies of the whole year. Yet, that humor never gets in the way of the intrigue or mystery of the whole story.

Along with this movie being ridiculously clever and entertaining, it has a bit to say as well. This film is biting and critical to the elites, the super wealthy who just want everything to themselves. Heck, this film has a lot to say about immigration and the American dream in general. How people need to survive so they will work for whoever they can to get through the day. It's pretty remarkable stuff yet this films commentary is subtle and not overbearing.

It simply has one of my single favorite last shots in any movie this year. This movie is so satisfying in so many ways and the grin on my face by the credits was immeasurable. Movies like this and discovering them is what makes watching movies in theaters each year absolutely worth it.

See this movie for the best murder mystery ever put to film. There, I said it. Rian Johnston, can I be your intern?

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