Ishtar ★★★★

"hello ishtar, you're more than a country. you're a state of mind"

quite possibly the funniest, stupidest mess i've ever watched. i watched a video last night where elaine may talked about how she conceived the film and the story is equally hilarious as this film (she even said, "if all of the people who hate ishtar had seen it, i would be a rich woman today." queen beahvior methinks lol). her script??? comedic gold!!!! i can understand why people didn't like this. me? idk i just love seeing two songwriters who are failing miserably in their lives and career, only to get tangled with some serious government shit. i don't think hoffman and beatty were miscasted because their dynamic surprising worked and they also gave great performances. overall, despite its flaws and troubled history, i definitely enjoyed this. it's really sad that elaine may's filmmaking career is cut short because of this (while other male filmmakers at the time can make a mistake, move on, and make another film)... let's just hope her rumored upcoming film will be released soon.

leftover notes:
- the ending??? yes
- the first 22 minutes??? yes
- i saw a tweet saying that if may did the film 10 years earlier with falk and cassavetes, it would've been a hit. i neither disagree nor agree but i would like to see it lol
- finally finished elaine may's filmog!!!! so i made a fanart lol

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