Moonlight ★★★★½


I guess i'm the hater here.

I know, my score is pretty fucking high. But with all the buzz from critics, awards and people from all over the internet, especially Letterboxd, they all got me very hyped. At the end of the day, "Moonlight" didn't hit me like i thought it would. Yes, the performances from the whole cast is amazing, it's not from this world. They work their asses not to just cry in front of the camera, they change their voice tones and are able to express their feeling by a look or a smile and not thorough dialogues only. Barry Jenkis direction is amazing as well. He handles the story so poetically and so gently that he's a strong runner to win the Academy Award. The camera work helps to exalt Jenkis talent and the actors performances even more. It seems like she's always flying through the scene, you can feel this at the first 2 minutes of film.
However i didn't felt a reward when the credits started to roll. I would have like to see more of Mahershala Ali character or a better conclusion to Little/Black/Chiron miserable life. I didn't related to much on the film. Even if the beach scene is powerful and beautifully done, i though it was kind of thrown into the movie, and ALL the bully stuff was predictable to me. Maybe there are so many movies that explores this subject, that i ended up not getting much surprised. Nevertheless, it's indeed an unique feature which deservers to receive some prizes this Sunday.

Direction: 9/10
Writing: 8/10
Characters and Performances: 10/10
Pacing: 7/10
Editing: 8/10
Music: 9/10
Production: 9/10
Cinematography: 10/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Enjoyment: 8/10

Final Score: 85/100

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