Spencer ★★★★

Spencer is a clear example where you should remove all the clichés and make it different with your take of this tragic tale of this character study. It is clearly an interesting film to watch because you might have not seen this clearly before for a biopic like this and Pablo Larrain is like "F*ck it, I'm gonna make my own take of Princess Diana" and was he delivered it? Absolutely. Like I said previously, it is a haunting tragic character study of her journey as a royal family and why she thinks she doesn't belong to the family itself.

It kind of unfolds into a more psychological horror due to her psyche because there are several other scenes (such as dinner scene) is quite an anxiety inducing and moreover, it drives Diana quite of an insane state she's been that she thinks the royal family is not into her alot. The technical aspects of the strikes me with a bang. With Claire Mathon's cerene and lush cinematography along with 35mm film makes the tone so impressive and of course, how can I not forget Jonny Greenwood's score? He's one of the true artist that I hugely admired and deep respect for. Scores like Phantom Thread, There Will Be Blood and now Spencer knows how the tone of the film needs to be impressive and matched to the film itself. In this movie, he uses the jazz instruments to make it weirder and intense itself and makes it one of the most pristine scores he has ever made. Kristen Stewart is really amazing and of course, one of her best performances she has ever done. She possess her character so well because you normally see some generic plodding Diana biopic that can be either bad/boring but here, it is literally different. Her accent, body language and her voice modulation is so good and I have a faith of her winning the Oscars.

Spencer truly pushes the envelope of an accurate biopic other than any of the genericness of any biopic that we have seen. It is truly a marvellous film with its pristine and richness of the filmmaking and how to write a haunting character study and a masterclass of portraying a risky character. It is all done well.


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