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Blind Beast - Streaming now on ARROW

Blind Beast is a grotesque portrait of the bizarre relationship between a blind sculptor and his captive muse, adapted from a short story from Japan’s foremost master of the macabre, Edogawa Rampo (Horrors of Malformed Men, The Black Lizard, Caterpillar).

Liked reviews

Wow! I went into this one knowing nothing about it and it's such a wonderful love letter to everything that came before it! It even had mostly practical effects still that looked great! It harkens back to the corny kids-love-Gamera dynamic of the older films bit does it in a really emotionally driven creative way thats its impossible not to fall in love with it. A must watch!

How this didn’t sweep the Oscars I’ll never know. A special hat tip to the production designer for conjuring up a 3’x4’ poster of the Romantics for the bedroom.

Toasted strumpets for tea. Powerful first episode to the Hammer Horror series; unsettling, a fine score, Patricia Quinn on top form as the cackling witch and, best of all, a green Austin Maxi.

What a trip this film was. I think there was something psychoactive in that green fog they were breathing. Laughed a few times and I thought the story was random and a tad weird, which I liked, but the ending just seemed like it amounted to nothing. “What a life to be a time” or whatever he said

A lonely lighthouse in the middle of the sea. Grémillon’s zooms tell so much, intensifying the emotions portrayed while also being able to comment on them from an analytic standpoint, Grémillon’s mise-en-scène is so elegant and intelligent. Presle is great.




You know what? I get it. That tilt-a-whirl is pretty handsome, actually. Good for them.

One of the most creatviely shot, written and executed movies I’ve seen since Who Killed Captain Alex?. Obviously the acting isn’t the best but its obviously intentional to a degree. Completely fucking insane and underrated.

Wacky farce about capitalism and advertising in late 50’s Japan which still feels relevant in 2021