Zodiac ★★★★★

FUCKING BRILLIANT. Almost three hours of runtime and not a second did it ever feel slow or was it dragging. The Zodiac Killer has always been an interesting topic to put thought into and it being seen showcased with a level of accuracy and detail of the Sistine Chapel is worthy of the highest of praise. Everything about it is just amazing; the cinematography, the screenplay, the performances, the dialogue work, the historical accuracy, the thrills and suspense, the direction, the editing, and even the soundtrack.

Continuously jumping forward into time would feel like such an incredibly difficult task to manage yet Fincher crafts it perfectly while maintaining a sense of togetherness and self awareness of the plot and where it is as it stands. If God dared me to, I can not name one single aspect of the film that triumphs over the other because almost every single element to its production is on another level of film making.

The movie succeeds in being one of the most suspenseful films ever even without any sort of imagery or sentiments of horror like a jump-scare. How every single character drowns in their obsessions over this one single case that’s lasted years. These killings have nothing connecting to them on a personal level, aside from professional reasons of course, but for some reason, even after a whole lot of time past, they’re still adamantly stagnant in this void of wanting to figure this thing out.

The screenplay is incredibly sensible and percipient to its own liking. Adapting a story where everything about said story can literally be found on the internet then innovating happenings and moments throughout history is highly notable of admiration. The mystery unfolding and collecting information and clues serve for such a riveting and captivating experience 

Performances were top notch. Ruffalo and Downey both delivered staggering performances but it was Gyllenhaal who was undeniably the stand out. Each character, brought together with similar ideals and goals yet all so distinct and all geniusly written with such depth and emotional weight. The main three play off each other so well no matter which two get paired for a scene.

A case so frightening and intriguing perfectly supplemented with a film crafted with the highest of expertise. Nothing but applause.

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