The Thing Below

The Thing Below ½

It's Halloween baby!

The Thing Below, aka Sea Ghost, is an embarrassingly poor outing from breast enthusiast/director Jim Wynorski (credited as "Jay Matthews" but not fooling anyone). Wynorski steals wholesale from other, better, movies including but not limited to The Thing, Die Hard, Predator, Aliens etc, etc.

Everything is bad. The dialogue, acting, CGI, lighting, blocking, script, timing, delivery and everything in between is so shambolic I legitimately thought it was a parody. And that's the best way to watch The Thing Below. Chuckling along at the ineptitude on display in all areas. Accompanied by a script that has actors hammering out exposition without letting anything breathe and more tentacles than the squid special at Long John Silvers.

Half a star because it has nudity and Billy Warlock as a salty old sea dog made me laugh more than it should have. Get back to Baywatch.