That Thing You Do!

That Thing You Do! ★★★½

Tom Hanks directorial debut always reminded me too much of the Beatles to actually watch it. I'm glad I did eventually get around to it though. That Thing You Do is a feelgood movie about overnight success and how different people deal with fame. The scene where the song makes it onto the radio is pure, unadulterated joy.

It's perhaps not a surprise that Hanks' debut as a director is pure Americana. The girl next door, the family models etc. Even the sultry waitress is Hanks' wife Rita Wilson and nothing unsanitary happens. It's just a pure film about pure, lovely people. Hanks co-stars as Mr White, an agent of the record industry. He's great and so is Tom Everett Scott, playing an idealistic drummer, modelled on a young Tom Hanks.

It's a film that features Liv Tyler and it's an early film for Charlize Theron but most of the focus is on the band and the dynamics of it. I love that three of them have rich developed personalities and the bass player doesn't even have a name. I played bass in my high school band (The Dregs of Society) and I appreciate the abuse. It's barely a guitar.

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