Bloodshot ★★

In defence of Bloodshot, I really like Valiant Comics and their successful rebooting of multiple franchises in 2012 to turn everything into a Marvel-esque Universe created one of the better multiple runs of comic book properties in recent years. I was reading X-0 Manowar, Harbinger, Quantum & Woody and Bloodshot.

Bloodshot is supposed to be the launch of a Valiant film universe, which is going to be expanded to include Harbinger and hopefully Archer & Armstrong or Quantum & Woody, which could be real genuine hits. The possibilities, like with Marvel circa 2000, are almost limitless. It's a shame then that Vin Diesel became the focus of this universe when he was cast as Bloodshot. It's a film that would be better if the central character wasn't such a boring superhero. The concept, with nanotech keeping a dead soldier alive and being manipulating into hitman antics, is a good one but Vin Diesel isn't the guy to make me care about that.

The film is completely stolen by Lamorne Morris. He's so fun onscreen. The "Kobe" and "King of Zamunda" throwaway, possibly ad-libbed lines, had me in bits. He would have made for a more enthralling lead in all honesty.