Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast ★★★

As someone who hates Disney, hates musicals and hates Bill Condon...I probably shouldn't have watched this. But I keep telling people that you need to see something before formulating an opinion on it. And you know what? I actually liked it.

Beauty and the Beast is a lavish live action remake of the animated classic. As with almost every film studios release now there's way too much CGI but it would be tricky to make Ewan McGregor play an actual candlestick holder. I know he's quite versatile but that might be asking too much.

Emma Watson turned down La La Land to make this. I didn't like La La Land at all so in my head I think she made the right choice. I'm sure nobody else agrees. Her career post Harry Potter has been a real mixed bag but I reckon this is a major highlight. She feels like a star but also brings the right amount of vulnerability required for the role and clearly loves the source material. Luke Evans is also scene chewingly sensational as the villain Gaston.