The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

There's only one Nick Cage. He's the only one something like this would make sense for, and he does it like only he can. What a guy.

It's a little hack (especially in the second half), but I think any "hack" elements of it were done so intentionally to accentuate the absurdity and the point it was trying to make — which is fine, and kind of a ballsy creative choice — but it kinda rendered the movie unrateable. It's not a normal movie. There's a joke in there about taking a "dramatic character study for adults" and then giving it a more general-audiences friendly "hook," and then they did exactly that in the second and third act. So freaking meta, like every other major American release in the last 3 months, it seems like.

I enjoyed it. The Nic Cage references were obviously all very funny, and Pedro Pascal is wonderful as always, kinda stealing the show from Cage himself.

Sarah and I feel like we have to do a Nick Cage marathon over the summer now. I hope we do.

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