Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★½

I had a great time watching this with some good Letterboxd friends of mine which are Jaewon Kim and his older brother Jaewoo Kim

Today I finally watched a film I've been wanting to for a while which was, Kiki's Delivery Service! What a movie and what an experience! First of all, it's Ghibli so it has to be at least a little good, this however surpassed my expectations by too much. The vibes were amazing and had so much fun with it! Definitely one of my new favourite Ghibli films.

Kiki's Delivery Service is a wholesome movie. Its just that by definition. The movie is basically about Kiki who is running a delivery service (ya don't say) and meets some friends along the way. It has so many themes, it's relatable for one. Entertainment standpoint it's fun, witty, heartwarming and so delightful. It's directed by Miyazaki so I expected Totoro vibes since it doesn't necessarily have a specific story, it's just Kiki's adventures. My Neighbor Totoro had that same type of vibe going on which I absolutely appreciate and love. This was on par with that. I had lots of fun with it and it didn't really have a specific plot which I liked. It's just that you're sucked into this world and you're living in it and going on with Kiki in her adventures. The film is complemented with amazing animation especially for its time. The style of the animation is amazing as well! I appreciate so much about this film and I absolutely love it!

Overall Kiki's Delivery Service is just such a great animated film. With my score bound to go higher, I feel like this film may be one of Ghibli's best. Amazing concept and characters that are relatable and fun! It's alot of fun to go with them on this journey really! Stunning animation and just so good overall! Of you haven't seen it I'd 100% reccomend it. One of the cutest films I've ever seen, probably.

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