Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Wes Anderson's delightfully crafted Fantastic Mr. Fox is a great film. It has breathtaking animation, a stellar cast, and overall just an amazing movie. The style and substance is perfect and this film is easily in my Top 10 - 5 favourite animated films of all time!

So this film was amazing! I absolutely loved it. It's entertaining and interesting. Taking away the fact that it's a kids movie (which does not fault it in any way) it does have alot of humor and takes that really everyone will find interesting. The film is adapted from Rohld Dahls classic novel. I read this book when I was younger but surprisingly didn't watch the film. Today comes and it took me long enough and I finally got the chance to see this! The animation is absolutely stunning. It's beautiful to look at. Wes Anderson's style is so perfect and the way its executed here is almost like the novel was meant to be made into a film like this. The voice acting cast is incredible. Looking through the credits I was so surprised to see so many people. Really awesome. The actual story itself that was being adapted was really interesting. If it intrigued past me, it will intrigue me today. I was actually really surprised how good this turned out and the story works extremely well with this type of movie of course, with Andersons style!

Overall Fantastic Mr. Fox was phonomenal. Being in my Top 35 favourite films of all time (coming soon) it really is just one of the best. Today had some downs and this film definitely made it better. The jokes and humor made me laugh out loud. The fact that they say the word cuss instead of actual swear words is hilarious! But yes, if you have not seen this film, please do yourself a big favor and do so. It's just one of the best, and my favourite Wes Anderson film of all time! Just so good!