Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½


I'm gonna say it right now, this is a 5 star movie. I just need to rewatch it to make sure.

Because I'm not sure of ANYTHING right now.

Mulholland Drive is a straightforward mystery. Then it's not. Then it's really not. Then the mystery is what the movie actually is about.

Mulholland Drive is...

I don't even know what Mulholland Drive is right now if I'm being honest. I watched it over a day ago and I'm still reeling. Whoever told me that it had one really tense scene is a fucking dirty lier, because I was tense THE ENTIRE FILM. It was just confusion and tension.

I am also entirely convinced the last 30 minutes of this movie are the greatest thing I have ever watched. The last 30 minutes show a director ripping the curtain off of his creation and showing it for what it really is, as if it will explain everything. And it does..........but I'm sure I didn't catch everything on the first run through. A lot of the stuff relating to the director I think I missed.

Also, watching this on a train. Bad idea. Felt very uncomfortable during some of the lewd stuff with some kids sitting in my car. I'll need to rewatch on a bigger screen for sure. Alone. In the dark.

The only thing that might keep this from turning into a 5 star is that the build up to the last 30 minutes of insanity felt long at times. This should fix itself in a rewatch.

Sorry if this doesn't feel like a real review, but that's because it really isn't. I can't review this only having seen it once, but if you're just looking for a recommendation, then you've got one. Watch it ASAP.

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