Knives Out

Knives Out ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Kinda baffled I didn’t really like this honestly; Rían Johnson is a brilliant writer/director and that translates here, his characters are engaging to watch and seeing them interact felt like Thanksgiving dinner, for...worse, it’s really just the bad stuff of Thanksgiving (which is a good thing), and the set design here is lovely. Everyone here is fun to watch, but the structure of the actual mystery just doesn’t work for me. Each of the (not killer) characters gets a couple funny lines then recedes into the background; you never think they killed the patriarch, and the movie seems to purposefully leave you with 3 options by the end, and goes for the least surprising one. It’s bizarre! It made the movie almost completely lack tension to me. The opening flashbacks do a great job setting up the situation, but the movie doesn’t convince the audience they should be trying to figure which one of them did it because you know it has something to do with the character that opens the movie. The Thrombley family just feel like one off jones, no matter how excellent all the performances, and none of their motivations line up. I think I need to see this again, I’m sure I was just focusing on the wrong thing, because I should like this! This is fun and cool and expertly made, but why does it feel empty to me? Whatever, I’m glad it exists for Toni Collette and Don Johnson (who plays my dad), I just wanted more of them! It’s too stuck to Ana de Armas for my liking, I feel like the audience should get different perspectives so we can piece it together ourself instead of as the person we’re chained to figures it out herself. At least everyone had fun making it. I’ll try this again soon probably? I’m just confused what I’m missing.

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