Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

i'll be real this is just everything I wanted the first one to be. tight ass editing and some of rian's best direction, endlessly exciting set-ups and punchlines (in terms of scene construction at least--the joke hit rate is around 50/50, though that's also a johnson staple), got a classical bond villain island feel and properly evocative imagery to go along with it. Very good looking movie!!!!! plays great with a large crowd, probably less good with your folks over the christmas season but fuck, it ain't me.

I would have thought I'd be taken out by the obvious, obvious parallels but Rian's magic trick of knowing how to emulate any genre he wants masks it enough I was just hyped to be with the gang! Peg squad woooooo! Janelle Monet hard hard MVP it's such bullshit I can't watch this again for a month because it really shocked me how much fun I had with this! For the next one though, please use characters who don't have the internet dude I am begging you I have no idea why dave bautista is playing pewdiepie alex jones in this (even if the performance rocks).

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