From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★½

This move has to be a lot more fun for those who were unaware of the gear shift. On re-watch it's hard to escape the anticipation of the fireworks factory awaiting them ahead. Once the movie turns into full slaughter-party mode and ditches its tenuous, slimy construct, it is a rowdy, exploitative good time (this also coincides with removing Tarantino from our sights).

My favourite thing about the movie is Clooney though. In that early period where made this, Out of Sight, Three Kings and I guess O Brother Where art Thou, you can really see the genesis of what make him such a fantastic actor: his gift of the gab. His ability to speak. Give the man words, he'll convince you with them; seduce you with them. The man was born to talk. Even where he's playing a completely despicable arsehole, like he is here, you want to root for him because he sounds to damn charming. Don't know how many other actors would have been effective in wining you over when the tides turn in this movie.

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