News from Home

News from Home ★★★★★

the copy I was sent didn’t have English subtitles, and my lack of expertise in figuring out what to do with that meant that the subtitle file I chose was incomplete, it was ahead of the dialogue and cut out a few minutes of text. I don’t know what happened after the letters stopped being read in a language I understood, but after 80 minutes of reading the words of a woman devoted to her daughter, I felt like I knew anyway. seeing nothing on those final shots of New York, as it fades into the distance and is replaced by the blues of the water, made me think of the time when there will be no words left from my father, when there’s nothing but the memories we’ve created together. and I cried a little, over what happened to Chantal, over what will happen to all of us and those we love, but mostly out of gratitude that we were able to love at all.

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