Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★★

obviously since it’s a Christmas romance movie for Hulu, it resolves a lot of its thorniest subject matter and character dilemmas in a more simplified way than reality ever would. it has its big monologues and sidesteps some of the serious shit of the third act in favour of a message of kindness and hopefulness, which means I’ll understand why some more cynical members of our community won’t completely vibe with it. I am not one of those people, I would die for romantic comedies and I knew I loved this from the first 5 minutes. but it manages to handle a complicated subject in a nuanced and well developed way even with the resolutions, it feels like the queer rewriting of our own collective coming out experiences which means I’ll happily give it a pass for moments of oversimplification. life’s hard, coming out to your parents is difficult, being in a relationship that has moments that make you feel completely shoved to the side is one of the worst feelings in the world. it manages to balance both women in the relationship’s perspectives, getting incredibly affecting and best of the year level work from Stewart in particular, without the script ever diminishing the other. since all of our experiences with the coming out process are different, people will have some different reactions to this than me. my coming out was simple, unremarkable, occasionally eagerly supportive and was put to the side by everyone in my family who didn’t really care who I brought home as long as I was happy. people with more rough moments of those experiences, or those who haven’t come out yet will likely cry their eyes out like I did for a different reason. it’s impossible to make something universal, especially for our community, but for all the faults it does have and the little changes I wish were made, watching it, I felt this rush of catharsis and emotion that had been building within me for the last month. it was devastation and happiness and an unleashing of tears for something not completely hopeless, it was a tribute and a testament to choosing to stay in love with someone, without abandoning the melancholy and difficulty that is inevitable for queer love to face. it is not perfect, it doesn’t have to be, what it is is a cute Christmas movie that made me happy, made me cry and made me remember how much I miss the people I love even more than I already did. I’ll watch this a bunch more times when I need that perfect synthesis of romance, humour and hard hitting emotion again. very grateful I got to see it early. it’s nice to watch a movie that feels perfect for the exact moment you saw it. I really needed this one.

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