Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

my dad called this “the best movie he’s seen since The Matrix” and is currently yelling at people on Facebook to go see it, so that makes me very happy. made me wanna call my mum. creative, funny, genuinely sincere and emotional, has actual things to say about familial rifts and resonated with me a lot as someone who’s had a frequently convoluted relationship with my mother. not every joke lands but most of them do, and any little qualms I had were quickly replaced by a genuine sensation of joy. it could have easily played as insincere or overtly sentimental, and I understand if some do see it that way, but I bought every emotional beat and left the theatre in tears. best scene to me is the first time Michelle Yeoh sees Ke Huy Quan in the universe where’s she a movie star. even though she’s in a body where she’s achieved her wildest dreams, she still needs him, is still so glad to see him standing there waiting. meant a lot to me, the hype feels justified. also no one told me about the raccoon and he’s the best. would die for that little rascal.

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