Avatar ★★★★★

the disability politics still unnerve and trouble me. the execution of the sequence where Sully gets to embrace walking in his new body is wonderful, but it is very misguided for an able bodied filmmaker to see the disabled body as so limiting that their inhabitants would do anything to escape it, even sacrifice their connection to humanity. I don’t think Cameron is being intentionally cruel, just naive and misguided, and it’s a shame that physical disabilities continue to be treated like prisons on screen. however, I do think this is one of the greatest and most emotionally profound movies ever made, so I’m gonna have to keep grappling with that contradiction. Neytiri seeing human Jake is one of the best cinematic moments I’ve ever seen. I love this movie more now than I did when I was a kid, awestruck by its imagination and world building. it inspires me and makes me feel a sensation of relief and love that’s hard to articulate. will struggle to reckon with everything that’s perfect and everything that’s harmful forever, but I will continue to come back to this world again and again, and I am fucking desperate to see The Way of Water.

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