• 365 Days: This Day

    365 Days: This Day

    "A dark secret is the foundation of any successful relationship."

    I'm shocked to say that this is a better than the first. It's way less cruel and immoral and much more in line as to what I was expecting. It's basically plotless for a good chunk of it and I'm fine with that since those parts are hillariously bad.

    Sadly, the plot is rather tedious and the stupid twist involving Massimo's rival is beyond dumb and lazy. It also kills…

  • Calling Dr. Death

    Calling Dr. Death


    "This business of hiding the truth from one another, It's not being honest."

    It's a shame that I couldn't find a decent print of this because the one on Vimeo is legit trash and might be the worst print I've encountered for a movie in a long time. I can barely see it at points since it is pretty blurry, the audio randomly cuts out for brief seconds on many occasions, and the frame rate loves to dip a lot.…

  • Alag


    Watched for Crap Movie Collective: letterboxd.com/arkhamknightrid/list/crap-movie-collective/

  • Dark Alibi

    Dark Alibi

    "Your Laugh, Mr. Danvis, splits our ears more than a mule's hehas."

    So yeah. For some bizarre reason, I decided to watch this. I guess I needed to watch one of these Charlie Chan movies and I just watched the first one that showed up.

    So yeah, it's bad, but not quite as bad as I thought it would be. In the end it's just very average bad with Sidney Toler barely putting in any effort playing a detective you…

  • Monster Dog
  • Frankenhooker



    "Jeffery stapled your stomach !?!"

    Definitely doesn't reach the heights of Brain Damage, but I can't deny that I had fun with this. The characters are entertaining, the acting is great, the look of the movie is killer and the effects are awesome in a cheesy way.

    Sadly, the pacing is way too scattershot to make it a classic in my eyes. It tends to go way too fast then slow down to a turtle's speed and vice versa. You…

  • Abducted by the Daleks

    Abducted by the Daleks

    "You beamed up the Skinner you idiot!"

    As a huge fan of the Daleks from Doctor Who, This weird porn parody featuring them caught my eye. I watched it years ago and I hated it. After rewatching it again and learning more about the behind the scenes, I will say that I still don't like it but I at least understand what I am watching here.

    This is basically some weird creep director hiring a bunch of eastern european actresses…

  • A Glass of Revenge

    A Glass of Revenge

    "Well the mediocre are like that when faced with their own inadequacies."

    So I accidentally picked a Lifetime movie, oh joy.

    Like it's far from the worst and Lynn Kim Do is really pretty (and surprisingly good here), but man was this awful. It's not even hilariously stupid like Stalked by my Doctor or Cyber Seduction. It's just boring and beyond tropey.

  • Tag



    Watched for Crap Movie Collective: letterboxd.com/arkhamknightrid/list/crap-movie-collective/

    Based as fuck.

  • Where the Dead Go to Die

    Where the Dead Go to Die


    "The more pain we caused him, the more pain he caused us."

    This is still one of the most surreal and insane movies that I've seen to date. Nothing besides Mad God has managed to capture the level of pure chaos, shockingness, and overall insanity that this movies has created.

    Don't get me wrong, there is a lot that is wrong, mainly when it comes to continuity, voice acting, and animation being glitchy in places. However, the faults actually help…

  • Feeding Grounds

    Feeding Grounds

    “ Feels like I’m getting a flu or something.” 

    It’s the first movie where i forget about it as the movie goes on. There isn’t even a shot where we see the creature. The only thing I like is the cinematography, music, and one character interaction. Otherwise, this is garbage.

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th

    Happy Friday the 13th!!!!