favorite films is just the mule (2018) dir. clint eastwood.

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  • Love on a Diet

    Love on a Diet


    another to/wai film i'm very baffled by, moreso here bc i honestly wasn't very into the first half of this but the second half is one of the most profound things ive seen so four stars i guess?? definitely gotta rewatch this

  • Needing You...

    Needing You...


    to/wai's cameron crowe movie(???) prob the least funny of theirs ive seen but also one of the most touching and romantic i kinda loved it a lot?! the lau/cheng will they-wont they dynamic is unbeatable

    spoiler: also i lost my shit when it turned into an a moment of romance sequel for no reason

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  • Karnan



    well this movie was everything i wanted it to be and more somehow... i don't give a shit what some fuckin oscar blogger or whoever the fuck says, this is and will remain the most important movie of the year and one of the most important of the decade, mark my words. i don't think i've seen a more brutal, harrowing portrayal of police violence against the lower class... ever. mari selvaraj twists the characters of the mahabharata into this…

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League