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  • Omnivores



    Starting from since the glorious era of Italian cannibal/jungle exploitation movies ended, around the mid-80's approximately, how many truly good horror movies dealing with cannibalism have you seen? One or two, maybe, with "Ravenous and the flamboyant German sick-flick "Cannibal"? Personally I presumed that the cannibal sub genre – just as with authentic zombie movies – got ruined because of stupid and infuriating comedies like the god-awful "Fresh Meat", but apparently there is still hope. The last thing I expected…

  • Lord of Tears

    Lord of Tears

    Wow, either director Lawrie Brewster recruited all his friends and relatives to give high ratings and write favorable reviews for his film, OR none of the avid fanatics around here has ever seen a genuinely atmospheric Gothic horror movie. I'm sure my user comment will receive a lot of not-useful votes, but what the hell, "Lord of Tears" does not deserve its current 7.1 out of 10 rating and please do not be deceived by the plenty of comments stating…

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  • Santa Sangre

    Santa Sangre


    This is not just a movie…THIS is a cinematic orgasm! For start to finish, "Santa Sangre" stands for one brilliant sequence after another, a staggering use of color shades, sensational musical guidance, disturbing themes and some of the most original story ideas that never ever featured in cinema before! To sum the film up in simply one word, it would be: AMAZING! I caught myself staring at the screen with my eyes and mouth wide open most of the time…

  • Jurassic Shark

    Jurassic Shark

    If you're an avid horror fanatic, yet you haven't got any cinematic or technical background, and you (together with a group of friends perhaps) watch a lot of terribly cheap and lame B-movies from within your lazy couch, then inevitably there will come a certain moment when you think to yourself: "I could make a much better and cooler movie myself …." Now, it's tremendously important that thoughts like these remain just thought and they cannot be processed further into…