The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

"I Am Amleth The Bear-Wolf, Son Of King Aurvandill The War Raven. And I. Am. His. Vengeance!"

The Northman was pretty incredible. I had high expectations for it and when the credits rolled, I felt satisfied.

I went with a friend to an empty cinema, it was great having the whole place just quiet, no one talking, no one using their phones. No distractions.

For me, The Northman succeeds in making you believe that you are living what those characters are living, all Robert Eggers' films have that effect, to be honest. But what's so different & compelling about this one is that it's brutal in violence, massive in scale, & very, very trippy (ok... all Eggers's are kinda like that).

My favorite sequences were the ones involving the rituals or whenever Alexander Skarsgård's character was yelling uncontrollably. There is such a quality to those scenes that you feel absorbed by that atmosphere of pure hatred.

I will say, though, that the 1st half felt a bit too long, almost boring at times. But when the movie gets going, it takes you on a thrillingly weird journey.

The best cinema experience I've had since DUNE: PART I.


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