Hey there, I love films about queer women and I have a lot of opinions on them.

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  • Saving Face
  • Kajillionaire
  • The World to Come
  • The Metropolitan Opera: The Hours

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  • Bliss



    A visually kaleidoscopic gore-fest. Will definitely work for some more than others. I actually was more averse to the constant drug use in the movie, I just never take any interest or pleasure in watching people’s cinematic interpretation of being on hard drugs. It’s a very typical story about relationship how the lengths artists go to to achieve greatness, but it is visually bold - again, if you really like blood. 

    If any of my followers are looking for some…

  • Lyle



    At only a little over an hour, Lyle in a quick watch, but languishes in a product that will only be considered the lesbian Rosemary’s Baby, unable to create a strong identity for itself. Gaby Hoffman gives an excellent performance as a woman grasping for someone to take her fears seriously and who is suffering in the loneliness of motherhood, and I wish there was a more substantial story that could let her shine even brighter.

    The comparisons to Rosemary’s…

Popular reviews

  • Bottoms



    Bottoms is vying to be the next great horny teen comedy and will hopefully stay in public consciousness for a long time.

    The film is the type of laugh-a-minute teen comedy we certainly haven’t seen for a lesbian movie in a long time. Rachel Sennet and Ayo Edebiri’s natural charisma and rapport anchor the film’s breakneck ridiculous humor that is clearly stuffed with improv. Everyone will find something funny in the movie - and if you don’t, the credits bloopers…

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    I sobbed during the entire credit sequence after the movie finished.

    As the lesbian daughter of an Asian immigrant mom, this film certainly hit close to me personally, but I can't imagine anyone watching this film and not being able to see themselves and their family in the absurdity, the humanity, the absolute truth within every character and every moment in this film. Life may be meaningless, but that is also what gives it meaning, and Everything Everywhere All at Once illuminates that beautifully.